Desktop and Server Configuration, Service and Support

Desktop and Server Configuration, Service and Support

Keep IT Simple Server Installations and Configuration

Keep IT Simple has been involved with over 1,500 office installations. We have perfected the art of configuring, migrating, installing new servers and computers, networking, and so much more. In most cases, installation can be done in one business day, with a complete and thorough follow-up for the next “live” business day. You no longer have to worry about how new computer installations or software upgrades will affect your ability to see patients. We will handle it for you, and will be there with you when you go live.

Your practice can benefit from a team with intimate knowledge of how your office operates, how your software functions, and how to configure a network for optimum speed and efficiency.

Keep IT Simple employs some of the most knowledgeable technology consultants in the medical and dental field to provide you with a hassle-free experience. Whether you are installing one new computer, ten new computers, a new server, complete office over-haul, or adding a new location, we can handle it all. You can finally forget about the days of worrying about your computers.

Keep IT Simple has a team of experienced technology specialists that can offer you a progressive solution custom-tailored to your business. Call us today at 877-407-7888 for a complete understanding of all the options available for your practice.