Data, Internet, Network Configuration, Security and Management

Data, Internet, Network Configuration, Security and Management

Keep IT Simple Network Security & Managment

At the heart of your digital practice is the network equipment. Yes, this means that dark closet full of various cables and boxes that everyone tries to avoid! Such equipment can include items such as an internet connection device, router, switch, firewall, wireless access points, music-on hold systems, VPN connections, and more. Keep IT Simple understands the confusion that swirls around this part of your office and puts a lot of emphasis on this topic in order to provide you with a fool-proof combination of function and support.

We take pride in our cable management and understand that the biggest part of tackling the dreaded “network closet” is to simplify all those cables! Our portfolio of before and after network closet transformations is something you will want to see. We take time to understand each cable’s role in your network, eliminate the ones not needed, and label everything so there are no more questions. We Keep IT Simple!

Equipment security is another major concern for medical and dental practices. We specialize in making your equipment HIPAA & HITECH compliant. To achieve this, we make sure to change all defaults on your networking equipment so that is in not accessible by anyone without your consent. Your first line of defense against unauthorized access is in your network closet. With 75 years of combined experience at Keep IT Simple, you can be comfortable knowing that you are up-to-date and protected.

Keep IT Simple has a team of experienced technology specialists that can offer you a progressive solution custom-tailored to your business. Call us today at 877-407-7888 for a complete understanding of all the options available for your practice.